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The Weekly ReminderMarch 15th, 2020  


Online Service of Worship at 9:30 AM

Greetings from the Pastor



 Dear Friend in Christ,

No two ways about it - we are living through one of the most turbulent and unsettling times I can remember.  Cancellations everywhere, dire warnings, empty shelves - all of these are signs of a chaotic time.  Details are changing all the time.  Life seems so different today than it did just a month ago, right? But

But one thing doesn’t change.  That is God’s love for you.  I pray that you will visualize yourself surrounded by the pure, constant, life giving light of God.  In the gospel of John, we read, “In Him was life, and that life was the light of us all.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

I believe in my heart that there will come a time in the not so distant future when we will be able to sit in our favorite chair and say, ”Wasn’t that a difficult time?  Thank heaven it is behind us now.  Thank you, God, for everything.  Amen.”

Until then, let us live our lives with caution, not fear.  Let us remember the words the angels say so frequently, “Fear not.”  We are not alone, dear Friend.   The love of God is with us and will see us through.  We will stay together as a Church family and help each other through these trying times.  And best of all, God’s love will be with us always.  

God bless you and those whom you love everyday.  God loves you and I do, too. 


Your friend, Pastor Tony




PS: This Sunday, I’ll be sharing some ideas on the topic of, "Corona Courtesy". I hope you'll be there – or listening in.


2.  Today’s Schedule

  • 9:30 AM service of worship.


2.  Is There Church this Sunday?

We intend to broadcast the service over Live Audio Broadcast.  Please make it your intention to come to Church over the internet.  Things are changing by the half hour, and we will keep you informed as soon as we can with any developments.


6.  Chapel of Peace

A live image of our altar area and quiet music will be available Friday evening through Sunday morning.  If you’d like to have a quiet time of prayer at your computer screen, tune into and click on “Live Broadcast”.  Please enjoy the peace of our sanctuary during the weekend.  


7.  Happy Birthday to You! 

March - 2 - Elaine Mallett; 5 - Dawn Bjornsen; 6 - Ann Thompson; 8 - Sandy Pesce; 11 - Larry Pesce; 12 - Emily Moses; 13 - Susan Cunningham; 17 - Archie Robinson; 19 – Erik Fleischer; 20 - Kay Behn; 23 - Paul Baldauf; 24 - George Krubski, Jr.; 26 - Alicia Cooper; 26 - Nancy Hranek; 29 - Mo Borghard; 30 - Gail DeHeus; 31 - Carol Milhiser; 31 - George Krubski, Sr.


8.  The Prayer List

Let us surround our loved ones and friends with the blessed power of prayer: • For anyone affected by the Coronavirus, in any way, for peace of mind and rapid healing; (March 2020) • Deb Ploe’s brother-in-law, David Kidd, as he was hospitalized on Monday and for her sister Lori; (1/23/2019) • Let us pray for Patrick Paulis, for strength and healing; (1/1/2020) • Let us pray for Len Wood, a long time member of our church, recovering from a health challenge; (1/1/2020) • Let us pray for a young lady in our church who is recovering from surgery; (12/29/2019) • Let us pray for Robert Powers, brother of Carol Wood, recovering from surgery; (12/28/2019) • Let us pray for a couple Pastor Tony met in the hospital recently. The wife is dealing with a difficult illness; (12/28/2019) • Let us pray for Marc Brodeur, Pat Stern’s son-in-law, who is undergoing a heart procedure; (12/1/2019) 

• Let us keep Latoya Thomas’ family in our prayers - her Aunt passed away after an illness; (11/24/2019) • Prayers for Rob Cheek in the passing of his beloved mother, Eileen Cheek; (11/17/2019) • Let us pray for Joe Librizzi’s sister, Marion, and brother, Roy for increasingly good health; • Prayers for Nina Hunter, Savannah Hunter’s mother, who is recovering from a right hip replacement, as well as thanksgiving for being 16 years cancer free; • For a family dealing with the passing of their beloved son; (11/5/2019) • Prayers for Patrick Ploe, Deb Ploe’s brother, for a full and complete healing from retina surgery on Thursday October 31, 2019; 10/30/2019 • For Sam Sapienza III, father of Sam Sapienza IV, undergoing cancer treatment; 10/30/2019 • For Paul Ammirata, Jean’s son, for healing after surgery; • For Barbara Elisa Patricia Foster, beloved mother of Kaye Foster, who passed away on August 11th, 2019.  Please uphold Kaye and her family in your prayers; (8/16/2019) • Please pray for Cathy Johnson-Brown’s brother Bill Johnson, for healing; (6/25/2019) • For Ashley Snyder and her children, for healing (6/13/2019); • For Barbara, a friend of Sue Wilder, for recovery from surgery; (5/16/2019) • For Bill Potter, for relief from back issues and pinched nerves; (5/14/2019) • For Anthony Bottitta, Hedy’s husband, for good health.  Please also remember Hedy Bottitta in your prayers as she recovers from a torn rotator cuff; (1/10/2019) • For Karen Fleischer’s Mother, for strength and good health; (11/21/2018) • For the sister of Steve Cooper, for comfort and healing; (10/11/2018) • For Bob and Sandi Bjornsen, for increasingly good health for themselves and family members; (10/11/2018) 

“Hold me in your prayers, Friend, hold me in your prayers;

 half the power of praying is knowing someone cares.” (Marcus Bach)