The WelcomeChurch Prayer List

4 April 2020


Let us surround our loved ones and friends with the blessed power of prayer: • For anyone affected by the Coronavirus, in any way, for peace of mind and rapid healing; (March 2020) • Let us pray for the friends and loved ones of the Vin Reilly. May they be protected and healed from the Covid-19 virus: Edward Toy, Alex Toy, Marian Toy, Francesca Toy, Abby, Reilly, Luna, Dennis Sturgill, Kathy, and Dexter. • Prayers of thanksgiving for Deb Ploe’s brother-in-law, David Kidd, as he is hope from the hospital; • Let us pray for Patrick Paulis, for strength and healing; (1/1/2020) • Let us pray for Len Wood, a long time member of our church, recovering from a health challenge; (1/1/2020) •

• Let us keep Latoya Thomas’ family in our prayers - her Aunt passed away after an illness; (11/24/2019) • Prayers for Rob Cheek in the passing of his beloved mother, Eileen Cheek(11/17/2019) • Let us pray for Joe Librizzi’s sister, Marion, and brother, Roy for increasingly good health; • Prayers for Nina Hunter, Savannah Hunter’s mother, who is recovering from a right hip replacement, as well as thanksgiving for being 16 years cancer free; • For a family dealing with the passing of their beloved son; (11/5/2019) • Prayers for Patrick Ploe, Deb Ploe’s brother, for complete healing of his eye;• For Sam Sapienza III, father of Sam Sapienza IV, undergoing cancer treatment; 10/30/2019 • For Paul Ammirata, Jean’s son, for healing after surgery; • For Barbara Elisa Patricia Foster, beloved mother of Kaye Foster, who passed away on August 11th, 2019.  Please uphold Kaye and her family in your prayers; (8/16/2019) • Please pray for Cathy Johnson-Brown’s brother Bill Johnson, for healing; (6/25/2019) • For Ashley Snyder and her children, for healing (6/13/2019); • For Barbara, a friend of Sue Wilder, for recovery from surgery; (5/16/2019) • For Bill Potter, for relief from back issues and pinched nerves; (5/14/2019) • For Anthony Bottitta, Hedy’s husband, for good health.  Please also remember Hedy Bottitta in your prayers as she recovers from a torn rotator cuff; (1/10/2019) • For Karen Fleischer’s Mother, for strength and good health; (11/21/2018) • For the sister of Steve Cooper, for comfort and healing; (10/11/2018) • For Bob and Sandi Bjornsen, for increasingly good health for themselves and family members; (10/11/2018) 



from 1st Online service Sunday March 22, 2020


Sue Wilder -
I ask for strength for all our essential workers & good health for all. I ask for a special blessing to Pastor Tony & Barb for bringing us worship today. 


Su Iliff


My prayer request is for protection for persons working on the front lines in hospitals, including   medical professionals and paraprofessionals, chaplains, all support staff who are keeping things running smoothly, and administrators who are navigating these challenging times and making difficult decisions.





from 2nd Online service Sunday March 29, 2020



Vilma and Patrick Ploe – Prayers for God to bless and protect Pastor Tony, Barbara, and Deb, as well as the rest of our congregation. Also, thanksgiving to God for another day.

Sue & Bob Wilder –

 Special blessings to Pastor Tony, Barb and Deb for bringing this wonderful service into our homes!


Kenneth Mnich - Fords, NJ


Prayer Request: God’s protection to Mnich family from COVID-19


Vy & Ernie Wilson

Prayers for Vyola please. She is recovering from a seizure related to her dementia.


Linda and Joe Librizzi –

Asking for prayers for our family, our community, our leaders and scientists .


Arlene Bpugher –

P.T.  Prayers for all you do.






Claire Solonik –

Prayers for my parents, Doris & Tony, 90 & 96 years old. They are housebound; mom had to stop the health aide visits, and is taking care of my father all alone. I’m still in quarantine and feel helpless to help my mother.



Today – April 2, 2020 -Deb Ploe – Prayers for our church family, all of our loved ones, our country, and our world.  Special prayers for Vilma and my brother Patrick in the loss of Vima’s mother. (April 1, 2020).


Sunday April 5th and 12th


Vin Reilly:
Prayers for his family members, especially his brother-in-law Ed and his son-in-law Dennis. 


Frank Picone:

Prayers for Kim’s daughter Christina, a healthcare worker.


For the family of Celeste’s cousin, James, 56, who passed away recently.


Barbara Preston:  for her brother John Preston, for increasingly good health.


Nancy Hranek:  Prayers for her neighbor who lost her husband.


Prayers for Barbra Ewick’s daughter Laura Boger.







Message from Deb Ploe, our Prayerful Scribe:


Dear Pastor Tony,

I would like people to know that candles have been lit at both services for:
1)  Pastor Tony and Our church family, 2). All our loved ones,   3)All who are with us at these services,
4). Our Country, 5). Our World, and 6). especially for All of the prayer requests that people have asked
For during our services.
7)  Plus one for thanksgiving to God for guiding us through these challenging days.

We have been praying for the people who have asked for prayers throughout these weeks.

Thank you!





       To add names or intentions, or to adjust the ones that are on the list, please email .



 “Hold me in your prayers, Friend, hold me in your prayers;

 half the power of praying is knowing someone cares.” (Marcus Bach)